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Organizations and events of interest to technical women

  • Anita Borg Institute
  • CRA-W
  • Global Tech Women
  • NCWIT: National Center for Women & Information Technology
  • Women Techmakers
  • Other organizations in STEM

Award nominations

  ACM Award nominations:
  • Athena Lecturer
  • Scholarships to attend research conferences
  • Nominate Women for Advanced ACM Member Grades
  Anita Borg EMEA Scholarships
  Other Computing Awards

ACM-W Resources

Organizations and events of interest to technical women

Anita Borg Institute
The Anita Borg Institute (ABI) runs the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing, both in the US and in India. It also sponsors awards. The group Systers was founded by Anita Borg, and is a support group for technical women, with a mailing list and occasional meetings. There are similar mailing lists for "ResearHers" and "ProfessHers". The ABI has published a very nice list of famous women in computing.

CRA-W is the Computing Research Association's Committee on the Status of Women in Computing Research.

Global Tech Women
Global Tech Women was founded by Deanna Kosaraju, who formerly organized the Grace Hopper conferences in the US and India. She hosts streamed talks on a regular basis, which can be viewed on video. There is a plan for a 24-hour women's day streamed event, starting with Australia and Japan and circling around the globe, for International Women's Day in 2013.

NCWIT: National Center for Women & Information Technology
NCWIT's site has a lot of good research.

Women Techmakers
Google I/O 2012 - Women @ I/O interview with women and women leaders at Google

Google Developers Blog: GDL Presents: Women Techmakers
Interviews with Women Techmakers
Google Developers Blog: Women Techmakers give back
Google and Yahoo! Exec Marissa Mayer Interviews and Talks
Google IO Keynote, 2008
An evening with Marissa Meyer, Computer History Museum, January 2012
On Women in Tech, July 2012
First interview as CEO of Yahoo!, November 2012

Other Interviews
Google hangouts on YouTube for aspiring engineers
Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg giving keynote speech at Grace Hopper 2011
International Women's Day 2012: 5 women leaders in EMEA

Other Organizations in STEM
Railsgirls: Founded by a non-tech woman, this event has come recently to Krakow and to Warsaw
Robogals: The founder has an interest in starting new chapters.
Girl Geek Coffees: Meetings for technical women
Girls Who Code: A new organization working to educate, inspire and equip 13- to 17-year-old girls with the skills and resources to pursue opportunities in technology and engineering.
Women Who Code
The Ada Initiative has been working on open source conferences, and making them more accessible to women. In part, this is via workshops; they also have written a framework for an anti-harassment policy.
A new group, Stemettes, based in London: They aim to showcase the work that women do in STEM. Geek Gurl Diaries
Day of the Tech Girl
Stem Net UK: Coordinates STEM outreach in most regions of the UK
Informatika Feminale, Summer 2013

Some efforts that Google has supported related to girls and women in STEM
  1. Mind the gap: a partnership between Google engineers in Israel and the CS teachers organization
  2. Code F: an 8-week mentoring program for university students, paired with Google engineers in UK, Germany, Russia, Poland and Israel
  3. Code girls: a programming contest for high school girls
  4. Engineering Trainee: a program for young (1st or 2nd year undergrad students) to work as an intern with more support than the traditional interns
  5. Women Entrepreneurs on the Web: a relevant initiative recently launched in India

Award nominations

ACM Award Nominations Anita Borg EMEA Scholarships: Winners attend a retreat and receive a monetary award

Other Computing Awards

ACM-W Resources