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ACM Europe Technology Policy Committee

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The ACM Europe Technology Policy Committee (EUACM) is a standing committee of the ACM Europe Council. EUACM is currently chaired by Fabrizio Gagliardi and is composed of a subset of the ACM Europe Council and some additional experts and one full-time research assistant.

The ACM Europe Council is a legal entity registered as a not-for-profit in Brussels. EUACM is registered in the transparency register of the European Commission (EC) to participate in stakeholder consultations with full visibility and transparency.

Fabrizio and other EUACM members meet with officials from the European Commission, particularly in the areas of technology, communications, research and development, education, e-government, and investment in innovation.

As an important result of the first activity, the EC has requested a list of ACM experts to serve as reviewers and evaluators of their 80 B € Horizon 2020 framework research programme. Additionally some of the EUACM members have been invited to consult with the Commission on subjects such as IT skills for industry. An area where the EUACM opinion will be requested is on the European Digital single market.

EUACM Committee:

Chair: Fabrizio Gagliardi


  • Gabriele Anderst-Kotsis
  • Michel Beaudouin-Lafon
  • Hervé Bourlard
  • Michel Yves Cosnard
  • Panagiota Fatourou
  • Judith Gal-Ezer
  • Oliver Grau
  • Amalia Hafner
  • Wendy Hall
  • Chris Hankin
  • Lynda Hardman
  • Paola Inverardi
  • Joaquim Jorge
  • Andrew McGettrick
  • Gerhard Schimpf
  • Paul Spirakis
  • Alexander Wolf
  • Pat Ryan (ACM COO)