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May 2016


EUACM has initiated work on a white paper about cybersecurity. So far, the group of European experts involved has established contacts with USACM, European Commission officers and several organizations, to produce an outline. The report will be released hopefully in October 2016.

EUACM has established contacts with the Scientific Advice Mechanism (SAM)—DG Research & Innovation. The High Level Group of independent experts they support took cybersecurity as first priority and is currently working on a report to be released by the end of the year. Among other issues, EUACM stressed the need to include computer scientists in their advisory activity.


Digital Single Market

The European Parliament Think Tank has published an in-depth analysis about the current progress of President Juncker's Commission in its ten priority areas. As an overview, the Digital Single Market reached 16 out of 30 proposals in legislative process and 8 initiatives as adopted legislation.

However, the European Commission released the 2016 European Digital Progress Report, showing "unequal progress towards the Digital Single Market".

In a joint blog post, authored by Roberto Viola (DG CONECT) and Lowri Evans (DG GROW), the agenda for the digitization of the European Industry was presented. The most important priorities established are: joining the already existing national initiatives; aligning the private-public-partnerships in order to bridge the technology gap on five priority areas: 5G, Cloud, Internet of Things, Cybersecurity and Data technologies; and fostering the initiatives on e-Skills.

The outcomes of the last public consultations under the Digital Single Market (on the review of the EU Satellite and Cable Directive and on the end of roaming charges in the EU) were published by the European Commission.

European Commission's VP Andrus Ansip published a blog post about the need to consider European multilingualism as an asset instead of a barrier: "The Commission also helps by supporting the infrastructure that paves the way to smooth deployment of language technologies. This is now being done with funding from the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) for machine translation and other mature technologies to provide multilingual public e-services".

Intellectual Property Rights

The European Commission's DG GROW has published a roadmap for the initiative "Modernising the enforcement of intellectual property rights".

Data Protection

The "Privacy Shield" agreement between the EU and the US will probably be finalised by the beginning of the summer. Many political debates are expected during this period.

Thirteen EU Member States (Belgium, Britain, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Latvia, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Poland, Slovenia and Sweden) signed a letter to the European Commission and the EU Presidency, calling for "the removal of barriers for a free flow of data" in order "to counter data localization initiatives in countries such as Germany and France".

Cloud Computing

The European Parliament Think Tank has released an in-depth report on the economic and policy issues of Cloud Computing in Europe.

The Quantum Technology Flagship

Thierry Van der Pyl, Head of Unit "Excellence in Science" (DG CONNECT - European Commission) presented the next steps for the Quantum Technology flagship, developing the preparatory phase between June and November.

The new Europol rules were approved by the European Parliament on May 11. With this new set of rules, Europol will be able to ask for information directly to private entities, such as firms and NGOs. It will be a duty of the Member States to provide Europol with the information it needs. The European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) will monitor Europol's work and there will be a clear complaints procedure for citizens under EU law.


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