ACM Europe Council

The ACM Europe Council was created by ACM to recognize and support European ACM members and activities.

About the ACM Europe Council

The ACM Europe Council aims to increase the level and visibility of ACM activities across Europe. The Council is comprised of European computer scientists committed to fostering the visibility and relevance of ACM in Europe, and is focused on a wide range of European ACM activities, from high-quality ACM conferences in Europe, to expanding ACM chapters, to encouraging greater participation of Europeans in all dimensions of ACM.


  • Join with other computing and scientific organizations in Europe to offer new programs and activities
  • Encourage nominations of ACM European members for the advanced member grades of Senior Member, Distinguished Member, and Fellow
  • Work with ACM SIGs to increase the number of ACM conferences in Europe
  • Increase the number of ACM chapters and level of chapter activity in Europe

ACM Europe and IE Release Informatics Education Strategy

The ACM Europe Council and Informatics Europe have collaborated on a report that builds on an earlier document, "Informatics Education in Europe: Are We All in the Same Boat?". The report, "Informatics for All: The Strategy," aims to establish Informatics as an essential discipline for all, a subject available at all levels throughout the educational system. The strategy is also summarized in a one-page document.

Europe TPC, IE Recommendations on Automated Decision Making

The white paper "When Computers Decide: European Recommendations on Machine-Learned Automated Decision Making" presents the views of the ACM Europe Technology Policy Committee and Informatics Europe (IE) on the challenges posed by the increasing presence of Machine Learning and Automated Decision Making (ADM) systems in almost every aspect of modern human life.

First-Ever Global Curriculum Guidelines in Cybersecurity

After an extensive two-year process, a joint task force led by the ACM, IEEE Computer Society (IEEE-CS), Association for Information Systems Special Interest Group on Security (AIS SIGSEC), and the International Federation for Information Processing Technical Committee on Information Security Education (IFIP WG 11.8) has released a first-ever set of global curricular recommendations for post-secondary degree programs in cybersecurity education.

ACM US and Europe Tech Policy Committees Issue Statement on IoT Privacy and Security

The ACM US Technology Policy Committee and the ACM Europe Technology Policy Committee have released a Statement on Internet of Things Privacy and Security addressing existing and expected privacy and security concerns in the IoT ecosystem. The principles in the statement propose policy and technical approaches to tackle privacy and security challenges while ensuring that the technology continues to move forward.

Meet Ruth Lennon, ACM-WE Chair

Ruth Lennon has been elected the new ACM-W Europe Chair. Ruth is an enterprise application developer, researcher, and lecturer in the Department of Computing at Letterkenny Institute of Technology, Ireland. She is a member of ACM, ACM-W, IEEE, IEEE-WIE and the IEEE Computer Society, and a member of the working group developing the P2675 DevOps standard. Her research interests focus on enterprise scale systems.

ACM-WE Chair Ruth Lennon

Meet ACM Distinguished Speaker Luca Chittaro

Luca Chittaro is Professor of Human Computer Interaction (HCI) in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Udine, Italy, where he heads the HCI Lab. He has been involved in organizing many ACM conferences in HCI, and is a strong advocate of its societal impact, working with clinicians in various fields of health and with safety experts to create innovative applications for real-world use.

Photo of ACM Distinguished Speaker Luca Chittaro
  • ACM Council

      Gabriele Kotsis  
    Vice President
      Joan Feigenbaum  
    Secretary/ Treasurer
      Elisa Bertino  
    Digital Library Board Chair
      Jack Davidson  
    Publications Board Co-Chair
      Joseph Konstan  
      Divesh  Srivastava  
    SIG Governing Board Chair
      Jens Palsberg  
    SGB Council Representative
      Pankaj Jalote  
      Jeanna  Matthews  
      Thomas  Zimmermann  
    Past President
      Cherri Pancake  
      Nancy Amato  
      Tom  Crick  
      Susan  Dumais  
      Claudia  Medeiros  
      Mehran  Sahami  
      Alejandro  Saucedo
      Theo  Schlossnagle  
  • Audit Committee

  • Awards Committee

      John R.  R. White  
      Roy  Levin
    ACM A. M. Turing Award
      Rodney  A Brooks  
    ACM Prize in Computing
      Moshe  Y Vardi  
    ACM Distinguished Service Award
      Leonard  J Shustek  
    ACM Doctoral Dissertation Award
      Gregory Valiant  
    ACM Frances E. Allen Award for Outstanding Mentoring
      Maria Klawe  
    ACM Gordon Bell Prize
      Mark Parsons  
    ACM Grace Murray Hopper Award
      Carole  A. Goble
    ACM Karl V. Karlstrom Outstanding Educator Award
      Armando Fox  
    ACM Paris Kanellakis Theory and Practice Award
      Valerie King  
    ACM Policy Award
      Michel Beaudouin-Lafon  
    ACM Software System Award
      Nenad Medvidovic
    Outstanding Contribution to ACM Award
      Jane  C. Prey  
    ACM Fellows
      James Larus  
    ACM Distinguished Member
      Silvia Giordano  
    ACM Headquarters Liaison
      Jade Morris
  • ACM Executive Committee

      Gabriele Kotsis  
      Joan Feigenbaum  
    Secretary/ Treasurer
      Elisa Bertino  
    SIG Governing Board Chair
      Jens Palsberg  
    Past President
      Cherri Pancake  
  • ACM Risks Forum

      Peter Neumann
  • Committee on Professional Ethics (COPE)

      Don Gotterbarn  
      Marty  Wolf  
      Keith Miller  
    Educational Coordinator
      Michael Kirkpatrick  
    Social Media Coordinator
      Karla Carter  
    Technical Coordinator
      Bo Brinkman  
    Code Outreach Coordinator
      Catherine Flick  
      Florence Appel  
      Sally  Applin
      Richard  Blumenthal
      Emanuelle  Burton
      Stephen  Cain
      Kenneth  Christensen
      Frances  Grodzinsky  
      Kai  Kimppa  
      Evelyn  Lulis
      Denise  Oram
      Thomas  Owens
      Norberto  Patrignani  
      Jesmin Jahan  Tithi
      Tom  Yeh
  • History Committee

      Barbara Owens  
    Past Chair
      Charles House  
      Vicki Almstrum  
      Judith  Bishop  
      David  Brock
      Carol  Hutchins
      Roy  Levin
      Bernadette  Longo  
      Sachin  Maheshwari
      Erik  Rau
      Mary  Whitton
      Amanda  Wick
      Jeffrey  Yost
    SGB Liaison
      Kim Tracy  
  • Investment Committee

      Stuart Feldman  
  • Digital Library Board

      Jack Davidson  
      Yannis Ioannidis  
      Michael  Ley  
      Michael  Nelson  
      Louiqa  Raschid  
      Theo  Schlossnagle  
      Julie  Williamson  
  • Education Board

      Elizabeth Hawthorne  
      Christine  Stephenson  
      Alison Derbenwick Miller  
    Past Chair
      Jane Prey  
      Mehran  Sahami  
      Diana Burley  
      Michelle  Craig  
      Paul  Leidig  
      Andrew  McGettrick  
      Briana  Morrison  
      Fay Cobb  Payton  
      Mihaela  Sabin  
      Cara  Tang  
      R.  Venkatesh  
    CSTA, ex officio
      Jake Baskin  
    D&I Council Liaison
      Lisa Smith
  • Education Advisory Committee

    ACM India Representative
      Abhiram Ranade  
      R.  Venkatesh  
      Thomas Cortina  
      Leigh Ann  Delyser  
      Daryl  Detrick
      Judith  Gal-Ezer  
      Christina  Gardner-Mccune  
      David  Joyner  
      Amruth  Kumar  
      Alvaro  Monge  
      Tamara  Pearson  
      Chris  Piech  
      Christian  Servin  
      Jodi  Tims  
      Cindy  Tucker  
      Ellen  Walker  
      Andrew  Williams  
      Pat  Yongpradit  
      Aimin  Zhu
      Stuart  Zweben  
    Chair, Committee for Computing Education in Community Colleges
      Cara Tang  
    Headquarters Liaison
      Yan Timanovsky  
      Alison Clear  
      Robert  Schnabel  
    SIGCSE Representative
      Mary Anne Egan  
    SIGCAS Representative
      Michael Goldweber  
    SIGCHI Representative
      Olivier St-Cyr  
    SIGGRAPH Representative
      Susan Reiser  
    SIGHPC Representative
      Steven Gordon  
    SIGPLAN Representative
      Peter Thiemann  
  • Education Policy Committee

  • Practitioner Board

      Terry Coatta  
    Case Studies Committee
      Adam Cole
      Eve Andersson  
      Juan  De Joya  
      Scott  Hanselman  
      Sabrina  Hsueh
      J  McLoughlin
      Rashmi  Mohan
      Larisa  Sawyer
      Harald  Storrle  
      Sophie  Watson
    Past Chair
      Stephen Ibaraki
    DSP Committee Chair
      Gavin Doherty  
    Local Mentoring Committee
      Valerie Woolard
  • Publications Board

      Joseph Konstan  
      Divesh  Srivastava  
      Tom Crick  
      Jack  Davidson  
      Chris  Hankin  
      Michael  Heroux  
      Apala  Lahiri Chavan  
      James  Larus  
      Marc  Najork  
      Michael  Nelson  
      Holly  Rushmeier  
      Robert  Schnabel  
      Eugene  Spafford  
      Bhavani  Thuraisingham  
      Julie  Williamson  
    SGB Liaison
      Jonathan Aldrich  
    ACM HQ Liaison
      Scott Delman  
  • SIG Governing Board

      Matt Huenerfauth  
    SIGACT Chair
      Tal Rabin  
    SIGAda Chair
      S  Tucker Taft  
    SIGAI Chair
      Sanmay Das  
    SIGAPP Chair
      Jiman Hong  
    SIGARCH Chair
      Babak Falsafi  
    SIGBED Chair
      Xue (Steve) Liu  
    SIGBio Chair
      May Dongmei Wang
    SIGCAS Chair
      Douglas Schuler
    SIGCHI President
      Neha Kumar
    SIGCOMM Chair
      Ellen Zegura  
    SIGCSE Chair
      Adrienne  M Decker  
    SIGDA Chair
      Yiran Chen  
    SIGDOC Chair
      Daniel  P. Richards  
    SIGecom Chair
      Nicole Immorlica  
    SIGEnergy Chair
      Prashant  J Shenoy  
    SIGEVO Chair
      Franz Rothlauf  
    SIGGRAPH President
      Elizabeth Baron
    SIGHPC Chair
      John  E. West  
    SIGIR Chair
      Ben Carterette  
    SIGITE Chair
      Ray Trygstad
    SIGKDD Chair
      Wei Wang  
    SIGLOG Chair
      Frank Pfenning  
      Giuliano Casale  
    SIGMICRO Chair
      Onur Mutlu  
    SIGMIS Chair
      Cindy  K. Riemenschneider
    SIGMM Chair
      Alberto Del Bimbo  
      Lili Qiu  
    SIGMOD Chair
      Divyakant Agrawal  
    SIGOPS Chair
      Shan Lu
    SIGPLAN Chair
      Jeffrey  S Foster  
    SIGSAC Chair
      Xiaofeng Wang
    SIGSAM Chair
      Veronika Pillwein
    SIGSIM Chair
      Kalyan Perumalla
    SIGSOFT Chair
      Thomas Zimmermann  
      Shawn  Donald Newsam
    SIGUCCS Chair
      Melisa Tanger-Brown
    SIGWEB Chair
      Peter Brusilovsky  
  • SGB Executive Committee

    SIG Governing Board Chair
      Jens Palsberg  
    SGB EC Vice Chair for Operations
      Shan Lu
    SIG Development Advisor
      Jian Pei  
    SGB Conference Advisor
      Sanmay Das  
    New SIG Advisor
      Laurie Fox  
    SIG Viability Advisor
      Adrienne Decker  
    SIG Awards Advisor
      Ben Carterette  
    Publications Advisor
      Jonathan Aldrich  
    SIG Board Past Chair
      Jeff Jortner  
    SGB Council Representative
      Pankaj Jalote  
      Jeanna  Matthews  
      Thomas  Zimmermann  
    ACM Headquarters SIG Liaison
      Donna Cappo
  • Regional Councils

  • ACM Europe Council

      Valerie Issarny  
    Vice Chair
      Rosa Badia  
    Secretary/ Treasurer
      Bran Knowles  
    Past Chair
      Panagiota Fatourou  
      Anastasia Ailamaki  
      Oliver  Grau  
      Rute  Sofia  
      Harald  Storrle  
      Julie  Williamson  
    Informatics Europe (IE) Liaison
      Enrico Nardelli  
    European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics (ERCIM) Liaison
      Bjorn Levin
  • ACM India Council

      Jayant Haritsa
    Vice President
      Hemangee Kapoor  
    Secretary/ Treasurer
      Venkatesh Raman
      Supratik Chakraborty
      Meenakshi  DSouza
      Gargi  Dasgupta  
      Manish  Gupta  
      Pankaj  Jalote  
      Venkatesh  Kamat
      Viraj  Kumar
      Ponnurangam  Kumaraguru  
      Rajeev  Shorey
      Vasudeva  Varma  
    Past President
      Abhiram Ranade  
    ACM India Executive Director
      Hemant Pande
    ACM India COO
      Chandrashekhar Sahasrabudhe
  • ACM China Council

      Xinbing Wang  
    Vice Chair
      Yanyong Zhang
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council

      Patricia Ordóñez
      Lisa  Smith
    Past Chairs
      Natalie Enright Jerger  
      John  West  
    Chair, ACM-W
      Jodi Tims  
  • ACM-W Committee Leadership

      Jodi Tims  
    Regional Activities Chair
      Reyyan Ayfer  
    Standing Committees Chairs
      Bushra Anjum
      Arati  Dixit  
    Communications Chairs
      Bettina Bair
      Sarah  McRoberts
      Amelia Cole
      Yuqing Melanie  Wu
    Past Chair
      Valerie Barr  
    ACM HQ Liaison
      Pat Ryan
  • Standing Committee on Systemic Change

      Aubrey Rembert  
      Sheena Erete  
      Chad  Jenkins  
      Russ  Joseph  
      Tempestt  Neal  
      Tiffani  Williams  
  • ACM Technology Policy Council

      James Hendler  
    Vice Chair
      Michel Beaudouin-Lafon  
    Past Chair
      Lorraine Kisselburgh  
    Chair, US Technology Policy Committee
      Jeremy Epstein  
    Chair, Europe Technology Policy Committee
      Chris Hankin  
    Chair, Tech Briefs Committee
      Stuart Shapiro  
    SIG Representatives
      Michel Beaudouin-Lafon  
      Jeanna  Matthews  
    At-Large Members
      Virgilio Almeida  
      Vinton  Cerf  
      Paola  Inverardi  
      P J  Narayanan  
      Barbara  Simons  
      Daniel  Weitzner  
    Ex-Officio Members
      Adam Eisgrau
      Vicki  Hanson  
      Gabriele  Kotsis  
      Pat  Ryan
  • U.S. Technology Policy Committee Leadership

      Jeremy Epstein  
    Vice Chair
      Alec Yasinsac  
    Immediate Past Chair
      James Hendler  
    Former Chairs
      Charles Brownstein
      Edward  Felten  
      Stuart  Shapiro  
      Barbara  Simons  
      Eugene  Spafford  
    Accessibility Subcommittee Chair
      Harry Hochheiser  
    AI & Algorithms Subcommittee Co-Chairs
      Jeanna Matthews  
      Jonathan  Smith  
    Digital Governance Subcommittee Co-Chairs
      Simson Garfinkel  
      Daniel  Weitzner  
    Intellectual Property Subcommittee Chair
      Paul Hyland
    Law Subcommittee Chair
      Andrew Grosso  
    Privacy Subcommittee Chair
      Brian Dean
    Voting Subcommittee Co-Chairs
      Andrew Appel  
      Douglas  Jones  
    Elected At-Large Members
      L. Jean Camp  
      Joshua  Kroll  
    Europe Technology Policy Committee Chair, ex officio
      Chris Hankin  
    ACM CEO, ex officio
      Vicki Hanson  
    ACM COO, ex officio
      Pat Ryan
    ACM Director of Global Public Policy, ex officio
      Adam Eisgrau
  • ACM Europe Technology Policy Committee

      Chris Hankin  
    Vice Chair
      Paola Inverardi  
    Immediate Past Chair
      Oliver Grau  
    Former Chair
      Fabrizio Gagliardi  
    Executive Committee
      Fabrizio Gagliardi  
      Oliver  Grau  
      Chris  Hankin  
      Manuel  Hermenegildo  
      Paola  Inverardi  
    Autonomous Systems Working Group Chair
      Gerhard Schimpf  
    Differential AI Working Group Chair
      Alejandro Saucedo
    Smart Cities Working Group Chair
      Chris Hankin  
    Climate Change Working Group Chair
      Bran Knowles  
      Tom Crick  
      Wendy  Hall  
      Andrew  McGettrick  
      Enrico  Nardelli  
      Gurkan  Solmaz  
      Julie  Williamson  
    ACM Europe Council Chair, ex officio
      Valerie Issarny  
    ACM Technology Policy Council Chair, ex officio
      James Hendler  
    ACM Technology Policy Council Vice Chair, ex officio
      Michel Beaudouin-Lafon  
    ACM US Technology Policy Committee Chair, ex officio
      Jeremy Epstein  
    ACM Chief Executive Officer, ex officio
      Vicki Hanson  
    ACM Chief Operating Officer, ex officio
      Patricia Ryan
    ACM Director of Global Policy, ex officio
      Adam Eisgrau
  • TechBriefs Committee

      Stuart Shapiro  
      Michel Beaudouin-Lafon  
      Juan  De Joya  
      Lorraine  Kisselburgh  
      Bran  Knowles  
      Larry  Medsker  
      John  Murray  
      Kashyap  Tumkur  
      Moshe  Vardi  
  • ACM Representatives to Other Organizations

    American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
      Alexander Wolf
    Computing Sciences Accreditation Board, Inc. (CSAB)
      Sandra Gorka
      Scott  Murray  
      Mihaela  Sabin  
    Computing Research Association (CRA)
      Alexander Wolf
  • Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA)

    Executive Director
      Jake Baskin  

ACM-W Europe

ACM-W Europe (ACM-WE) supports, celebrates, and advocates internationally for the full engagement of women in all aspects of the computing field, as well as advancing the contributions of technical women. Among its goals are promoting the image of computing among women, promoting awareness of career options, and establishing partnerships with similar existing organizations in Europe.

Meet Paweł Woźniak

Paweł Woźniak is an Associate Professor at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden. His research focuses on human-computer interaction (HCI). He is particularly interested in HCI for sports, designing technology for wellbeing and examining how interactive technologies can support reproducible science. Woźniak is the Chair of the ACM Poland SIGCHI Chapter.